Variety Vegetable BOX

Variety Vegetable BOX

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Box contains a variety of fresh vegetables equalling £10.00

Box may include a number of the following: 

Wholes Potatoes (5kg), Baked Potatoes (4), Baby Boils Potatoes (500g), Sweet Potatoes (1kg)

Whole Carrots (500g), Whole Turnip, Whole Parsnips (500g), Whole Leeks (approx. 300g), Savoy Cabbage (approx. 1kg), Celery (head), Butternut Squash (each), Mushrooms (300g), Broccoli (head), Cauliflower (head), Aubergine (approx. 300g), Courgette (approx. 600g), White Onions (500g), Red Onions (500g), Baby Corn (80g), Fine Beans (150g)

Tomatoes (500g), Whole Peppers (800g), Scallions (bunch), Little Gem (2), Mixed Chillis (60g), Fresh Herbs (50g)